The Thirteenth Annual Carbon Capture, Utilization & Storage Conference

The Thirteenth Annual Carbon Capture, Utilization & Storage Conference

28 April 2014 to 01 May 2014
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The Annual CCUS Conference focuses on carbon capture, separation, utilization and sequestration technologies that are being or could be deployed in the U.S., North America and in developing economies.

The development and deployment of commercially-viable carbon capture and storage technology is now at a critical juncture given the Environmental Protection Agency’s issuance of a proposed CO2 emissions standard requiring the deployment of carbon capture and storage technology for any new coal-fired power plants. This action further raises the level of importance of the 13th Annual CCUS Conference, adding to the already expert conclusions, from the IEA and like entities, that meeting global carbon emission reduction goals within the next three decades will require the deployment of carbon capture and storage technologies. The alternatives, even switching to natural gas, could not provide necessary power generation to support emerging economies or industrial processes that rely on fossil resources.

It is vital for the future of our economy and our environment that we find ways to dramatically reduce the cost of capture and storage, and quickly implement the lessons learned from the work that’s already ongoing worldwide. This has been the objective of the Annual CCUS Conference for the past dozen years and now, in preparing for its 13th year, is setting the stage to facilitate what is an exceedingly important and critical exchange of ideas to accelerate the advancement of CCUS systems.

The 2014 conference agenda will include presentations from key government & industry decisionmakers from the U.S., Canada and around the globe as well as technical papers from leading experts. Individuals interested in submitting a paper must submit an abstract for review by January 20, 2014. To register, obtain the call for papers and agenda updates visit: